September MRAN Meeting Minutes

September 10th Meeting Agenda

Call to order

Bushwackers 1

Cvc 0

Coyotes 1

Dark Side 2

Gamblers 2

Groundshakers 2

Jack Rabbits 1



Wild bunch 2

Yucca Chuckers 1


Officer Reports

President Roy: SSTB went good. Working on website and has a meeting next week. Want it where we can do it on our own.


Vice President Joe: Raced SSTB and worried about the mass start. Please think about the mass start.


Treasurer Coach: Been updating MRAN info for 2019. Deposited early race fees from online sign ups. Balance is good.


Desert Referee Rob: Not here


GP Referee Ashley: Ready for the last GP.


Website Justin: Not here


Public Relations Ashley: 100 new followers on Insta. Created a sponsor letter for 2019. Needs to start sending it out.


Legislative Officer Bob: Steve, went to the meeting and it’s an official board member. Meet the last Wednesday of every month.


Scoring Tori: Online is open. GP and Desert standing points updated. Let her know of any errors.


Special Reports


Silver State Trailblazers Post Race Report: Thanks to the MRAN people for helping in the pits. 289 total riders. 118 MRAN riders. 4 total hurt, 1 MRAN rider. Error on 2nd lap.


Bushwackers Pre-race report: 26.5, 3 laps total. Sign AMA sheet when riders first come into the road.


Wild Bunch Pre-race report: Mesquite 9/22/18. Almost the same course as last year. Could use help for the GP


Unfinished Business:


Bike Raffle status update: $150 online, none at NHHA. Can we get inside of Monster Cup.



Club Dates:



26th Gamblers Bristle Wells


9th Dark Side Ute

23th Wild Bunch Mercury


16th Groundshakers Western Raceway

30th Yucca Chuckers Pahroc


6th SNDR Panaca

27th Groundshakers  Calietne


18th CVC Pearsons Ranch


1st Coyotes Ely

8th Wild Bunch Primm

22nd MRAN Combo Jean


19th 20th Bushwackers Searchlights


24th SSTB Panaca point to point


14th Bushwackers Pioche

28th Yucca Chuckers Caliente


12th Gamblers mesquite


2nd Dark Side


Gary Smith AA: Passes 14-0


New business:



2019 MRAN Officers Nominees

President: Roy

Vice: Joe Amey

Tres. Coach

Desert and GP: Dal Shemp, Jarrod Wheeler


Public Relation: Gary Smith

Leg. Bob Adams

Scoring: Tori



Del Shemp 2 stroke class: Passes Unanimous



Garen Legends?


Website: in Roys report


Over 60 Discussion:


9:07 adjourned 1st Coach 2nd Roy

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