Tips For The Races

1)     Know how far your bike goes on a full tank of gas. Pushing is never easy!
2)     Let the fast guys go by.  You’ll make friends instead of being taken out. From experience you’ll get a thank you if you let them by.  If you block them, you’ll get a face full of roost….
3)     If you break down, STAY WITH YOUR BIKE.  Sweepers will be by & get you out.
4)     Follow the markings, NOT the guy ahead of you! Ride Pink Ribbon to Pink Ribbon.  Pay attention or you might get a nickname like “Wrong Way”
5)     Bring a pit crew helper, for refueling, a drink, & fresh goggle.
6)     Bring treats for your pit crew, drinks, snacks, etc.. Keep them happy.
7)     STOP AT CHECK POINTS!  The crews don’t get paid and won’t chase after you.
8)     Always be nice to the race help. You may want to join the club .
9)     Load-up as soon as you finish, before your body gets sore and stiff.
10)   Always pickup your trash from you pit area. Leave the place better than we found it.
11)   DON’T bring your wonderful dog.  Dogs and races are dangerous to all involved!
12)   Don’t be afraid to talk to the clubs in the pits, they all want you for a new member!
13)   Practice the things that gave you trouble in the race, whoops, sand, rocks, hills, you’ll feel more confident at the next race!

AMA Adult Membership $49 Year  (Calendar Year)
AMA Youth Membership $29 Year (Calendar Year)
AMA One Day Membership $20 – One Day

District 35 – MRAN Year Membership $40
District 35 – MRan One-Day Membership $20

Big Bike Entry $60
Mini Entry $35
Pee Wee Entry $35

Things to Know Before You Head Out to the Races

Things you can do to help speed up registration and make your race day morning much easier. Please complete the following steps online as soon as you can.

  1. Register for your AMA card if you don’t already have a current one.
    1. AMA Membership Registration
  2. Register for you MRAN membership.
    1. 2019 MRAN Membership Form
  3. Once you have your AMA number and assigned MRAN number, now  pre-enter online. Sign up race day will be available.

On race day bring your AMA card, MRAN card, HELMET, and sign-up form (if applicable) with you to the sign-up trailer. You must check-in at the sign-up trailer on race day.

See you at the races!