Meeting brought to order by: Roy Ulrich @ 6:37pm

Roll with voting members

Bushwackers – 2

  1. Gene Curry                                                  Alt. 1 – Justin Wray          Alt.2 Kevin Wilson

Camp Valley Cowboys – 0

  1.                                                   Alt. 1 –                                        Alt. 2 –

Coyotees – 0

  1.                                                   Alt. 1. –                                      Alt. 2 –

Darkside – 2

  1. Scott Wiesheim Blake Monk                      Alt. 1 –    Brandon Hunt    Alt. 2 – Denny Falls

Gamblers – 1

  1. Joe Amey Steve Paxton                                    Alt. 1 – Kat Ashley             Alt. 2 – Greg Ashley

Groundshakers – 2

  1. Dave Martin Rob Holtfreter               Alt. 1 – James Wilson     Alt. 2 – Ashley Ross

Jackrabbits – 1

  1. Steve Jones David Balvage                Alt. 1 – Peter Skreta         Alt. 2 – Ryan O’Mara

SNDR – 2

  1. Dave Heath Garon Burwell               Alt. 1 – Chuck Harvey      Alt. 2 – Jeff Huff

SSTB – 2

  1. “Coach” Collins Sean McDaniel              Alt. 1 – Tori Collins            Alt. 2 – Zack Livreri

Wild Bunch – 2

  1. Dustin Vasquez Rhett Ogden                    Alt. 1 – Shelley Webb      Alt. 2 – Dan Webb

Yucca Chuckers – 0

  1. Jeff Beck Candice Benson           Alt. 1 – Todd Parker          Alt. 2 – JR Zanoth


April 2018 meeting minutes approved by: Sean McDaniel

2nd by: Pierce Holtfreter



President: Roy Ulrich –

                  Been a busy month.

Been up working on the Groundshakers race.

Missed the call from SuperX contact person about setting up a MRAN booth, but we are good for 2019 for sure.

Groundshakers race still working on scoring with coach



Vice President: Joe Amey –

                  Desert Clean up – will be on the same weekend of the MRAN Joint night race on June 23rd, NEED all clubs to participate in the clean up and the joint night race.

Paper work is also done for the joint night race – all clubs please participate



Treasurer: Coach Collins –

                  No report

Online sign ups are working good


Treasurer Report approved by:

2nd by:


Desert Referee: Pierce Holtfreter –

                  Sold 29 cards at the Groundshakers Race

Will NOT be at the SSTB Race to sell cards.



Grand Prix Referee: Ashley Ross –

All good

Turned in money from the GP’s to Coach


Web Site – Justin Wray

1 web site order for a shirt – Ashley will take care of it and mail it out.


Public Relations – Ashley Ross –

                  Reported online sales for the WIN This Bike Raffle


Legislative Officer: Bob Adams –


  • Anti-access groups advocate laws to lawmakers. Some of them get passed.
  • Laws we blame the BLM for enforcing.
  • Their viewpoints becoming law is proof issue advocacy works.
  • How do we make issue advocacy work for us?


Thank you for elevating the priority of recreation in line with preservation and disposal. I appreciate your efforts and President Trump’s efforts to return pubic land management to principles of sustainable use. A problem from our perspective is positive changes in Washington, D.C are slow reaching the implementation level. Cases in point, RMPs (Resource Management Plans) drafts approaching records of decision contradict new policies of the new administration. RMPs set planning criteria for decade(s) to come. We’re waiting for the Trump RMP. In the case of the southern Nevada (BLM-SNDO) 2018 RMP revision draft, we got a Hillary RMP instead. RMP Planning alternatives are evaluated by how many years it will take to eradicate all signs of mankind. VRM (Visual Resource Management) is a new tool proposed to for the purpose of eradicating all signs of mankind from the public land 180507 MRAN LIR

landscape. The SNDO RMP draft proposes adding a million acres of new wilderness by a new classification, LWC (Lands with Wilderness Characteristics). There’s already too much public land locked away and mismanaged as wilderness.

We acknowledge there are spectacular places that rightfully belong to all Americans. RMPs set management policies for the rest that should be managed based on real issues for the real stakeholders. The Disney full length cartoon “Bambi” isn’t a documentary. But pending RMPs attempt to remake the bulk of the West in a Disney

image for the perceived benefit of people who see it out of tiny windows at thirty thousand feet. The RMPs aredeceiving in they classify millions of areas for recreation, at the same time overlaying those areas with management issues that preclude recreation. If implemented as written, proposed RMPs will set the course of less public land available for recreation by more people. Proof of above assertions are lengthy but will be

Substantiated upon request.   And we look forward to working with you to restore public land management toStewardship based on sustainable multiple use.

Ideas not included:


  1. For too many years people traveling by vehicles have been excluded from public land because their being there COULD adversely affect one issue or another.

But even after closures had no effect, the closures continued.


  1. What’s allowed and not allowed on public land is increasingly determined by what’s

appropriate. What’s not appropriate is determined by what offends people. Some people are offended by the vehicles in natural places. Their being offended is reason enough to prohibit whatever offends them. An irony, the people most offended by vehicles in natural places rarely visit them.


  1. Replace “appropriate” with “sustainable” in planning docs. Sustainable determined by empirical data leading to scientific conclusions.   I’m sorrow some are offended by mechanical things in natural places. But there’s already more than sufficient areas set aside for them in restrictive use classifications, including wilderness. With rare

exception, overcrowding isn’t a wilderness issue. Why does the search for more wilderness continue? VOTE – MAKE YOUR VOICE COUNT:


May 12, 2018: Voter Registration Ends: Last day to register to vote or to update your

existing registration, without having to appear in-person at the Election Department offices, or without having to register on the Secretary of State\’s website. Click the link below to check that your voter registration information is current and correct, so that you are eligible to vote June 12th in the Primary Election (Federal/State).

May 26, 2018: Early Voting/In Person Absentee voting starts: Any voter registered in Clark County may vote at any early voting site within the County. Hours and days vary by location.

June 5, 2018: Absentee Ballot Request deadline – By Mail: Last day for the Election Department to RECEIVE WRITTEN mail ballot requests.

June 8, 2018: Early Voting/In Person Absentee voting ends: Any voter registered in Clark County may vote at any early voting site within the County. Hours and days vary by location.


Scoring – Report by Tori Collins

Not present





April 28th Groundshakers Desert Post Race Report – Dave Martin

                  Thank you for all who came out, helped, and donated.

                  128 total riders, 35 mini’s, 93 big bikes

Hats off to Austin Monk for stopping and helping a downed rider. Cole Sasso took a hit to the head and spent the night in the hospital. Dave & Ashley visited him and all was good.

Couple other minor injuries

Trophy’s will be ordered as soon as results are final.


May 19th SSTB Desert Pre Race Report – Coach Collins

                  Flyer posted

Goto facebook and watch the downloaded video.

Please ask coach if you have any questions


June 2nd Coytes Desert Pre Race Report – Not Present

Roy got a call while in meeting.

Flyer coming soon

31.7 miles big bikes

8 miles, 1 hour for 85’s

1 mile, 45mins for 50’s


Unfinished Business

Bike raffle – Dave Martin – turned in money from tickets sold at races

Wild Bunch Grand Prix – Dustin – No GP this year

Wild Bunch Desert – Dustin – Trying to find a date for 2018.


New Business

Trophies – Clubs get your trophies made and out there as soon as possible

Austin Monk – Need to do something special for him for his act of Great Sportsmanship helping a down rider. Roy will get something made.

CVC – Needs to change the race date. BLM won’t allow them to use the current date.

Q motion was made to allow the CVC’s to change their date to July 28th.

APPROVED – No Opposed


Open Discussion

Roy has been trying to contact TASK Lighting for some support.

15% discount online use code: MRAN30

                  Scott Weisheim talked about the log form we should look at and all clubs start using it to log our hours and expenses.



                  2019 Race Tentative Dates


Jan. 26th – Gamblers

Feb. 9th – Darkside Desert

March 16th – Groundshakers GP

April -27th – Groundshakers Desert

May 18th – SSTB Desert


July 19th/20th – Bushwackers Night

Aug. 24th – SSTB Desert

Sept. 14th Bushwackers Desert






Motion to Adjourn the May 7, 2018 MRAN Meeting by: Dave Martin

2nd by: 8:52@pm

May MRAN Meeting June 4th 2018, Sierra Gold 6:30pm Jones & Sunset location but may possibley change locations. Pay attention for details.




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