Meeting brought to order by: Roy Ulrich @ 6:31pm

Roll with voting members

Bushwackers – 1

  1. Gene Curry                                            Alt. 1 – Justin Wray          Alt.2 Kevin Wilson

Camp Valley Cowboys – 0

  1.                                             Alt. 1 –                                   Alt. 2 –

Coyotees – 0

  1.                                             Alt. 1. –                                  Alt. 2 –

Darkside – 2

  1. Scott Wiesheim Blake Monk Alt. 1 –   Brandon Hunt    Alt. 2 – Denny Falls

Gamblers – 1

  1. Joe Amey Steve Paxton                Alt. 1 – Kat Ashley            Alt. 2 – Greg Ashley

Groundshakers – 2

  1. Dave Martin Rob Holtfreter              Alt. 1 – James Wilson      Alt. 2 – Ashley Ross

Jackrabbits – 1

  1. Steve Jones David Balvage               Alt. 1 – Peter Skreta        Alt. 2 – Ryan O’Mara

SNDR – 2

  1. Dave Heath Garon Burwell              Alt. 1 – Chuck Harvey     Alt. 2 – Jeff Huff

SSTB – 2

  1. “Coach” Collins Sean McDaniel             Alt. 1 – Tori Collins           Alt. 2 – Zack Livreri

Wild Bunch – 1

  1. Dustin Vasquez Rhett Ogden Alt. 1 – Shelley Webb     Alt. 2 – Dan Webb

Yucca Chuckers – 1

  1. Jeff Beck Candice Benson           Alt. 1 – Todd Parker        Alt. 2 – JR Zanoth


May 2018 meeting minutes approved by: Joe Amey

2nd by: Roy ulrich



President: Roy Ulrich –

                Ely Race – went well.

Clubs need a to do list for a race and on race morning.

                Wild Bunch Night Race – Went well. Big thank you to Kevin Wilson for help with selling of MRAN Cards.

Went to the Commissioner Meeting – Some of the info being given may be a false.

Desert Referee Pierce Holtfreter has resigned his position due to moving out of state.

Vice President: Joe Amey –

                Dumpster will be at the June 23rd MRAN Night Race for a group clean up. Come out early and help fill the dumpster! Call Joe Amey for any info.


Treasurer: Coach Collins – No Present

                Roy passed out the money report and it was discussed.











Treasurer Report approved by: Kevin Wilson

2nd by: Jeff Beck


Desert Referee: Pierce Holtfreter – No longer an Officer.


Grand Prix Referee: Ashley Ross –

Sold 22 MRAN Cards at the SSTB Race in Panaca


Web Site – Justin Wray

Not present


Public Relations – Ashley Ross –

                Need help from clubs to send in pictures and info of their race so we can advertise on social media.


Legislative Officer: Bob Adams –

  1. Issue Advocacy taking advantage of opportunities and countering threats. Opportunity last month was Sec. Zinke secretarial order that raised Recreation on equal footing with Preservation and Development.

Threat to implementation of positive changes at top not being implemented at the bottom, i.e., pending draft BLM RMP revisions are based on policiesPresident Obama’s policies that wererevoked by President Trump.  We’ve also contacted President Trump and Senator Heller regarding this.

An opportunity reported in ARRA’s June Washington Newsletter, H.R. 857 by Rep. Paul Cook (R-CA.), congressional designation of 6 existing CA OHV parks.

Another opportunity is Sen. Heller introducing a Bill to stop further wilderness designations.

To take advantage of an opportunityto be seen by other stakeholders as people and establish informal ties, Sean McDaniel & I attended an Outdoor Nevada wasa open house at Las Vegas Land Roverlast week.


  1. DOD withdrawal requests for Fallon NAS and USAF Tonopah Test Range remain in play. With Alt. 3A proposed by BRC what we’re losing we don’t use and we keep area needed for SNORE and BITD events.


  1. Crescent Peak: 2 plans proposed for area.  Please see addendum.  Comments due June 13.


  1. Our biggest threat is ourselves. In a government of, by, and for the People, few of us are among the People who participate in government.

Despite all we’ve lost most of us don’t feel threatened.

And most of us who feel threatened don’t believe there’s anything we can do about it.

How can we become the issue advocacy force our numbers support?

That ties into


  1. Clark Co. Public Land Resolution: 

Next action on this is June 19, BOCC mtg. at Clark Co. Govt. Ctr.

  1. Do we oppose it because it bypassesthe established BLM planning process?
  2. Do we write a better plan.  Clark Co. Commissioner Kirkpatrick has offered to work with OHV groups to introduce such a plan.

I’ve tracks in the PBO.

Our tracks are in the USFWS PBO.  I need a list of dates when we raced there.


Letter to President Trump:    180522

Dear President Trump,

Thank you for your appointment and support of Secretary of Interior Zinke.   We thank Secretary Zinke for Secretarial Orders 3365 and 3366 elevating recreation’s priority in line with preservation and expanding recreation opportunities on public land.  It’s a big step toward restoration of the symbiotic relationship of mankind and Nature.  A concern is new ethos at the top isn’t making it down to implementation levels.  We ask BLM RMP revisions approaching final drafts be revised to reflect policies of your administration.

The issue is the lion’s share of the West is federally managed public land.  How much of the lion’s share of the West should it be managed for the benefit of the people directly affected versus for the perceived benefit of others who live someplace else?

We agree there’s unique, spectacular, epic places that should be and are managed for all Americans.  Our disagreement is the management of the rest.  The divide is Preservation versus Conservation.  Preservationist goal is restore public land to how it looked before white settlers arrived.  BLM Resource Mgmt. Plans options are compared by how long it will take to eradicate signs of mankind.

The position of those directly affected is Conservation for sustainable use over preservation.  Responsible use is not abuse.  Nature is renewable, so use doesn’t use it up.  Access to public land needn’t be denied to current generations to be there for future generations.  People are better by time spent in natural places.  Conservation leads to predictable outcomes.  Preservation often to volatile outcomes.

Thank you again.  At your service and available to answer questions.  And will appreciate your response.

Please keep public land public and open to the public.

Scoring – Report by Tori Collins

Not present




May 19th SSTB Desert Post Race Report – No one present


June 2nd Coyotes Desert Post Race Report – No one present


June 9th Wild Bunch Night Race Post Race Report – Dustin Vasquez

                35 teams, No injuries, thanks for coming out


June 23rd MRAN All  Team Night Race Pre Report – Joe Amey

                15 miles, Night Ranch Road

Come early and help load the Dumpster

July 6th & 7th Gamblers Night Race Pre Race Report – Joe Amey

                Flyer coming soon. Kids on Friday Big bikes on Saturday.

Unfinished Business

Bike raffle – Dave Martin – requesting a booth or table at the Monster Energy Cup in October at Sam Boyd Stadium.

Wild Bunch Desert – Dustin – No Desert Race this year. Club members must sit out and help another club with their Desert Race to get club points for the year.


New Business

Trophies – Clubs get your trophies made and out there as soon as possible


Gamblers Grand Prix – On board and coming along good.



Dave Martin – Secretary – Dave is moving out of town, will not be able to attend Monday MRAN meetings. Not leaving just can’t make the meetings. If someone can take notes he can still write the minutes.


Pierce Holtfreter – Pierce is no longer the Desert Referee – moved out of state. We need someone to step up and help. Ashley Ross said she can do the job at the Desert Races but not Night Races.


Wild Bunch Desert Race Discussion – MRAN in a whole is a little upset. It was stated if Wild Bunch club members want club points in the desert series they need to sit out help another club with their desert race.


Open Discussion


                2019 Race Tentative Dates


Jan. 26th – Gamblers

Feb. 9th – Darkside Desert

March 16th – Groundshakers GP

April -27th – Groundshakers Desert

May 18th – SSTB Desert


July 19th/20th – Bushwackers Night

Aug. 24th – SSTB Desert

Sept. 14th Bushwackers Desert






Motion to Adjourn the June 10, 2018 MRAN Meeting by: Jeff Beck

2nd by:  Joe Amey @8:39pm

May MRAN Meeting July 2nd 2018, Sierra Gold 6:30pm Jones & Sunset location but may possibly change locations. Pay attention for details.





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