/2/2018 Meeting Minutes 


Called to Order: 6:30


roll call


Bushwackers 2






Dark Side 1




Groundshakers 2


Jack rabbits 1






Wild Bunch


Yucca Chuckers



Meeting mins approved by: Dave Balvage Kevin Wilson


Officer Report: 


President Roy: Thanks joe and Kevin, great race. Gamblers need to watch for side by side


Vice President Joe: Not Here


Treasurer Coach:


Treasurer report approved


Desert Referre: Roy 10 year 7 day cards Jake longtimes team has to race expert.


Grand Prix Ashley: No Grand Prix


Web Justin: Not Here


Public Relations Ashley: $520 Sold in shirts/ raffle. No online raffle sales. Needs images for social media.


Legislative Officer Bob Adams:

1.  Clark County Federal Public Land Resolution:  We lost that vote.  But the item was passed with emphasis on it being a work in progress. Who contacted their county commissioner before the meeting?  Who has contacted him/her after the meeting to discuss their vote and what’s next?

I hear what others should do.  Offer your help to do it.  Ask, “What can I do?”  Thank you, Steve Paxton, for putting out legislative issue alerts to his club members.  An effort every club can duplicate.

Anti-access comments outnumber ours 10 to 1, sometimes 100 to1.  Typically there’s 3 to 4 thousand comments.  That means were not out numbered.  It’s just most of us aren’t sending comments.


2.  Clark County OHV Advisory Committee: Applications are being accepted for an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Advisory Committee, which will meet and advise the Clark County Board of County Commissioners on ways to protect, promote and enhance OHV recreation in southern Nevada. The committee was proposed at the June 19 county commissioners meeting. Once convened, the OHV Advisory Committee will hold public meetings as needed.

Follow this link to announcement:

Suggested criteria for MRAN choosing a representative:

2.1.  A member who already regularly attends government, stakeholder, and MRAN meetings.

2.2.  Someone who enjoys reading and has a few hours every week to read legal/technical announcements, etc.  Able and will attend meetings prepared to discuss items on the agenda.  Who knows applicable law and process based on written policy and statue and how to find the text to support their position.  Don’t ask the government what the law says unless you already know the answer.

2.3.  Will represent MRAN based on positions made or affirmed by the Comp. Comm.  Someone in a govt. or corp. structure already aware of need to separate official policy and personal desire and opinion is optimal choice.


3.  Clark Co. Federal Public Land Resolution Compromise MAP:  Kenny Freeman submitted an alternative map to Senator Heller.  I’m sharing it for your consideration and possible decision.  I recommend against MRAN signing on to it.  It addresses only Jean.  I feel we’re better by addressing all of SNDO together.  And the BLM is giving us a better deal in RMP revision Alt. 3.   See maps in the addendum.


4.  Pahrump Valley Yellow Pine Solar Project: See Addendum.


5.  MRAN’s Congressionally designated RMAs: I’ve been busy on other issues and encountering shape file data transfer issues from BLM’s SNDO RMP revision RECREATION maps.  I’ve rx’d. old schedules.  Thank you.  But it’s raw data.  We a need team effort to write lists of race dates for each area.


6. Other ISSUES?: Please email or call so I can get back to you or see you Monday prepared to discuss them. 
















3.  Clark Co. Federal Public Land Resolution ALTERNATIVE MAP:



Kenny’s proposal north area map, yellow being Disposal Area.

Kenny’s proposal south area map.


BLM REC area map.








4.  Pahrump Valley Yellow Pine Solar Project:

LAS VEGAS—The Bureau of Land Management’s Las Vegas Field Office is seeking public comments on a proposed energy project. The Yellow Pine Solar Project (Project) includes 9,290 acres of lands managed by the BLM and would generate up to 1,200 jobs at peak construction.

A Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement and a Notice of Segregation for the Project will be published in tomorrow’s Federal Register and opened a 90-day public comment period, which closes August 28, 2018

Written comments may be mailed to the BLM, Southern Nevada District, Renewable Energy Project Manager, 4701 N. Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89130, or emailed to For more information, please call Herman Pinales at (702) 515-5284.

Before including your address, phone number, email address or other personal identifying information in your comment, you should be aware that your entire comment — including your personal identifying information — may be made publicly available at any time.  While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your personal identifying information from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.


Scoring Roy: No Issues. Lines need to be better



Special Report:


Mran Night Race Report: Kevin: 38 Teams, Went great. Some one took the arrows off the road and put them in a different direction. 10-15 side by side that came over the mountain. BLM took care of it.


Gamblers Pre-Race Report: Last Month


CVC Pre-Race Report: Not Here



Unfinished Business:


Bike Raffle Update: Around 1,614 for bike. Did excellent at the MRAN Night Race.

EnduroCross? Any one know of another event other than mran events that tickets could be sold at?


Trophies: Yucca Chucker do not have trophies. Will be fined $75 for


New Business: 


Bushwakers Pre-Race Report: Friday: 45 Mins- 50cc, 65cc 8:309:30 85cc 11:00 adult 50cc race – $30 entry per team, switch every lap.  18+ only $20 goes back into the pot. No one day cards for the kids or adult 50’s.

Saturday: 12 mile loop, starts 9 signups at 6.


Gamblers GP-August:


Secretary : need a new one


Desert Ref: Rob Holtfreter will be taking it over


Jack Rabbits GP: Dave Balvage- Ironman raceway sold their property. They do not have enough members to put on a race at a new locations. Another club willing to take it over? Wild Bunch?


Open Discussions:


Posting cancelled Dates? yes




7:27 Kevin Wilson & Gary


Next MRAN meeting will be held on Monday August 6TH, 2018, 6:30 at Sportsman Cycle on Boulder HWY. Subject to change.

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