Meeting brought to order by: Roy Ulrich @ 6:30pm
Roll with voting members
Bushwackers – 0
1. Gene Curry 2. Alt. 1 – Justin Wray Alt.2 Kevin Wilson
Camp Valley Cowboys – 0
1. 2. Alt. 1 – Alt. 2 –
Coyotees – 0
1. 2. Alt. 1. – Alt. 2 –
Darkside – 2
1. Scott Wiesheim 2. Blake Monk Alt. 1 – Brandon Hunt Alt. 2 – Denny Falls
Gamblers – 2
1. Joe Amey 2. Steve Paxton Alt. 1 – Kat Ashley Alt. 2 – Greg Ashley
Groundshakers – 2
1. Dave Martin 2. Rob Holtfreter Alt. 1 – James Wilson Alt. 2 – Ashley Ross
Jackrabbits – 1
1. Steve Jones 2. David Balvage Alt. 1 – Peter Skreta Alt. 2 – Ryan O’Mara
SNDR – 1
1. Dave Heath 2. Garon Burwell Alt. 1 – Chuck Harvey Alt. 2 – Jeff Huff
SSTB – 1
1. “Coach” Collins 2. Sean McDaniel Alt. 1 – Tori Collins Alt. 2 – Zack Livreri
Wild Bunch – 1
1. Dustin Vasquez 2. Rhett Ogden Alt. 1 – Shelley Webb Alt. 2 – Dan Webb
Yucca Chuckers – 1
1. Jeff Beck 2. Candice Benson Alt. 1 – Todd Parker Alt. 2 – JR Zanoth
March 2018 meeting minutes approved by: Ashley Ross
2nd by: Sean McDaniel

President: Roy Ulrich –
Groundshakers Grand Prix – Race went good. Good job.
Yucca Chuckers Grand Prix – Race went good. Good job.
Talked with Joe Bromley VP from AMA. He’s going to try and get us a booth at the Las Vegas round Supercross to promote MRAN and sell bike raffle tickets.

Vice President: Joe Amey –
Not present

Treasurer: Coach Collins-
Not present

Treasurer Report approved by:
2nd by:

Desert Referee: Pierce Holtfreter –
All good.

Grand Prix Referee: Ashley Ross –
Groundshakers Grand Prix went.
Sold 37 Big Bike, 5 Mini, 10 Day, 20 2nd Division, Total – 74 cards sold
Yucca Chuckers Grand Prix also went great.
Sold a Total of 9 cards
Web Site – Justin Wray
Not Present

Public Relations – Ashley Ross –
Blake Monk fixing up trailer and making brackets for the finish line banner

Legislative Officer: Bob Adams –
PHOIENIX TRLS. WORKSHOP (NOHVCC): I was impressed by the close to home riding opportunities of a metropolitan area more than twice the size of Vegas. I was also impressed by the number and enthusiasm of volunteers who step up to keep those areas open and helped establish them in the first place. Course resources I can share are at, These files will be available until 4/12/18. Download them for your library. They help us better understand the BLM’s point of view and how to express our point of view in their terms.
FIGHTING WHERE YOU RIDE,from the American Motorcyclist March magazine, page 33. Change is the norm. Our future depends on our stepping up to make change work for us. Riders are stepping up across the nation. The more of us that step up the better the chancegovernments work for us.
OHV COMMISSION GRANTS: Logandale based PIC, Mesquite based Kokopelli ATV Club, Carson Valley based Pine Nuts Trails. Assoc.,and NOHVCC were among the list of 2018 OHV grant recipients.New grant opportunities coming up byWhite Pine County’s extending Silver StateTrailnorth to Humboldt counties. Humboldt County will likely to soon signto extending the trail further north. Grant dollars go to orgs. that clearly define goals and objectives andwrite them into detailed work plans. What are MRAN’s goals? What projects are we willing to make commitments to, to make happen?
SRP LIBRARY:Having accurate databases came up at Phoenix. We’ve discussed the benefits of a library many times over many years. Clubs have sent courses, but not the SRPs. The SRPs are essential to verifying approved routes.

We talk about things as if our talking about them will make them happen. But most of us don’t even do the easy thingswe can do from home in 20 minutes to help get what we want. Who sent comments this year supporting MRAN’s position on the TTR (Tonopah Test Range) expansion and the Southern Nevada BLM Resource Mgmt. Plan?Getting what we want takes all of us doing our part. That’s a lesson our adversaries learned long ago. And it’s why we keep going back to the table every few years to keep what’s left. MC orgs across our country are stepping up. I hope it doesn’t take having our backs against the wall to do it. On a positive note, thank you Joe Amey for stepping up. Let’s support Joe’s efforts taking use from users to stakeholders in the proposed Jean SRMA (Special Rec. Mgmt. Area).

Scoring – Report by Tori Collins
Not present
Roy – Clubs you MUST have 2 people doing hand scoring for every race.

March 17th Groundshakers Grand Prix Post Race Report – Dave Martin
181 racers plus 7 teams for the team race.
Thank you for coming out.
Very successful.
Owner was very happy and pleased with the Groundshakers and MRAN

March 31st Yucca Chuckers Grand Prix Post Race Report – Jeff Beck
138 entries, 2 injuries.
All good.
Thank you for coming out, big thank you to all the others that helped with this event.

April 28th Groundshakers Desert Pre Race Report – Dave Martin
Flyer coming soon.
Casey Folks 100 Point to Point
Info book/sheet coming soon
Early sign ups online and Friday the 27th at race in Panaca
Extra money and prizes for racers.

Unfinished Business
Bike raffle – Dave Martin – 24 tickets sold at the Groundshakers GP, 1 sold online. Ashley posted online several different ways.

New Business
Wild Bunch Grand Prix – Dustin – Canceled and looking for another date.
Wild Bunch Desert – Dustin – Looking for a new location, BLM denied their current location. Should know soon.

Open Discussion

Scott Weisheim – Anyway MRAN can get entry forms made and kept in the trailer for the clubs to use? We will look into it.
Scott Weisheim – asked about holding a team race. For points? For fun? Looking for ideas.
Ashley Ross – AMA Minor Release, Clubs at sign ups you must ask each minor for their minor release form/proof.

Motion to Adjourn the April 2018 MRAN Meeting by: Pierce Holtfreter
2nd by: Sean McDaniel @8:14pm
May MRAN Meeting May 7th 2018, Sierra Gold 6:30pm Jones & Sunset location but may possibley change locations. Pay attention for details.

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