Meeting brought to order by: Sean McDaniel @ 7:02pm
ROLL with voting members
Bushwackers – 2
Coyotees – 0
Darkside – 1
Gamblers – 2
Groundshakers – 2
Jackrabbits – 1
SSTB – 1
Wild Bunch – 2
Yucca Chuckers – 2
Feb. 2017 Meeting Minutes approved by: Bob Adams
2nd by: Ashley Ross
President: Sean McDaniel –
Discussed Meeting location
Jackrabits Race – Thank you for all that helped. This is what MRAN is all about. Helping others out like family.
Race insurance – once you’ve turned in your insurance and it’s been written and every time you have changes afterwards it’s an additional $40 charge.

Vice President: Justin Wray –
If clubs need help or support, don’t hesitate to ask for help. MRAN is here to help every way we can.
Discussed club points.

Treasurer: Coach Collins-

Not present

Desert Referee: Shaun Rupp –

Cards sold at the Jackrabbits race: 16 – Big Bikes, 3 – Mini, 1 – 2nd Div., 3 – 1 Day, 2 – Non Comp, 25 Total
Cards sold to date: Big bikes – 185(15 comp), Mini – 38, 2nd Div – 10(5comp), 1 Day – 27, Jr Women – 9, Non comp – 27, Total to date – 296
Good job Jackrabbits and all that helped

Grand Prix Referee: Tony Thurlow –
First Grand Prix in 2 weeks, Going to be good

Web Site – Justin Wray is about to expire – is going to let it go.
Switching some restrictions on the Facebook pages/groups
Working on a good solid 2017 rule book. Will be done shortly.
We have sold t-shirts and stickers on line. Available on
Needs pictures of MRAN Officers for the website

Public Relations – Ashley Ross –
Sold MRAN shirts at the Jackrabbits race.
Has reached out several times with and has no response.
Our Instagram and Facebook have gained a lot of followers.
Instagram followers – 1064 Facebook followers – 1659

Land Use: Bob Adams –
Bob sent out an email and it was discussed during the meeting. Email is as follows:

170306 meeting land use report, prepared 170302
Please review before the meeting so we can quickly move thru a lot of information.
1. BRC’s Pirate Cove Bash. Last weekend I experienced the expanding world of organized OHVing (SVRA in CA, SRMA in NV) we’re being pushed toward. This link connects users to amenities, trail maps, etc. Scroll down. The OHV area adjacent to the campground is US Bureau of Reclamation land managed by the BLM’s Needles field office.
CTUC (California Trail Users Coalition) is an organization linking general public and BLM. We’re seeing that here with USFS management of Spring Mountain NRA. Should that occur here with BLM, we need to be a partner in the stakeholder coalition.
This isn’t the future I want, but it’s the prevalent plan for management of our public lands to protect resource values and limit user conflicts generated by increasing use by growing populations. Southern Nevada is growing again. Coyote Springs will become a city likely sooner than later. I feel our having places to ride (particularly for competition) requires our pro-actively using what’s working other places or developing viable alternatives. If our plan is hoping for the best and that doesn’t work out, reacting to the future others planned for uswill likely be too little, too late.

2. Lincoln County Recreation Plan:
BLM Caliente FO Project Mgr. Jon Prescott has assured me existing trail networks for OHV riders and racers will not be affected. Right now would be a good time to have the official trail inventory based on past-current SRPs. Todd Parker has agreed to work with Jon on our behalf. They already have a good working relationship. Should that authority be more than an agreement with our Land Use Officer?

3. BRC partnership with The Wilderness Society: please see att’d. This may be a move in direction of coalitions in item 1.

4. State Historic Preservation Office presentation: please see att’d.

5. BRNM RMP: Go to
A lot of work. Do we want to work to change the management protocols of National Monuments within the structure established by the BLM? Would our efforts be better focused on de-designation, or politically changing management from pro-preservation to pro-sport & recreation?

6. Spark Arresters: From working Tech Inspection at Jack Rabbits, there’s a lot of spark arrester alternative facts. The hardest to say no to are kids on minis and pee wees that should have been left for dead years ago. When confusion arises over regulations, look at the law the regulation is based on. Going forward:
43CFR§420.11 Requirements—vehicles.
Each off-road vehicle operated on reclamation land (public land in BLM jurisdiction) shall meet the following requirements:
(a) It shall conform to applicable State laws and vehicle registration requirements.
(b) It shall be equipped with a proper muffler and spark arrestor in good working order and in constant operation. The spark arrestor must conform to Forest Service Spark Arrestor Standard 5100-1a, and there shall be no muffler cutout, bypass, or similar device.
(c) It shall have adequate brakes and, for operation from dusk to dawn, working headlights and taillights.
3.4. Marking and Labeling. Each arrester shall be permanently marked with manufacturer’s modeldesignation and a trade mark or other identification of manufacturer. The markings shall be readilyvisible without removal of the arrester from the engine.
3.5.2. Screen and Housing Openings. Screen type arresters shall have no screen or housing
openings greater than 0.023 inch (0.584 mm).
TESTING: 3.5.3. Endurance Test. Screen type spark arresters on engines 50 hp (37.3 kW) or greater, shall be tested as outlined in Appendix A of this standard. Testing requires a100 hour test doing a lot of math. Centrifugal type per SAE J350. We can’t field test. But my experience is labels aren’t always apparent.

7. Federal -v- State: Touchy topic for organizations that depend on maintaining good working relationships with the BLM. Individually it’s something we may look into. As an organization, we need to keep an ear to the ground in case it happens. Should it happen, how can we have a seat at the table that our interests are already represented? Please see att’d.
Reply Reply to All Forward More

Scoring – Coach/Tori Collins
Not present


Feb. 18th, 2017 – Jackrabbits Post Desert Race Report – Dave Balvage
First and foremost – Thank you MRAN for stepping up and making our race happen.
138 entries
1 injury
March 18th & 19th – Groundshakers & Yucca Chuckers Grand Prix Pre race report – Dave Martin
Rounds 1 & 2
Flyer is posted
Course has been laid out, 2 different courses, Equipment this week to work on track, Saturday night Raffle, FREE spaghetti dinner and SuperX viewing at the VFW. All info on flyer and social media/website. More info to be posted as it comes available.

Unfinished Business

New Business
Gate fees at Grand Prix’s – yes we need to charge gate fees.

Motion to Adjourn the January 2017 MRAN Meeting by: Sean McDaniel
2nd by: Jeff Beck
At 7:49pm

Next MRAN Meeting on April. 3, 2017 @ 7:00pm @ Sierra Gold

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