Land Use Report for July 10 meeting:

  1. National monument comment deadline is July 10th.  I hope all commented.  You can write new different comments.  TO COMMENT, go to AMA letter generator,

Or to write your own comment, go to     1st page is information.  A link to comment form is at the bottom of the page.

please forward acknowledgment receipt to 

Att’d are MRAN’s comments, our comment receipt,  and a Monument article from June American Motorcyclist.


  1. Beef for Bikes Tariff keeps coming back because the anti-accessers don’t give up.  Issue Advocacy is like working out.  You lose it if you don’t keep doing it.  TO COMMENT,  Att’d is article from AMA mag.
  1. US Senate Motorcycle Caucus is more a street bike issue, but we’re all in this together, help where we can.  Give a minute to help fellow riders.


  1. The BLM Director wants to hear from us. I haven’t written back yet, but this is what I’m thinking.

4.1. Stop overriding RMPs (in effect) by bureaucratic designation of areas as ACECs (and other administrative restricted use areas). This is our #1 issue. BLM has written and is implementing restrictive TMPs for ACECs.  Please help if you can by forming groups to research one or two of the ACECs created/expanded since 1998.

4.2. Cap percentage of area in special mgmt. categories.  How much is too much to fall within the definition of “special” or “unique”?

4.3. The majority of public land should be managed for sustainable multiple use. Currently public land managed for sustainable use is public land waiting for disposal or some permanent use designation. There should be some permanent sustainable multiple use designation. Sustainable uses, including recreation, should have higher priority ranking.

4.4. Stop use of subjective criteria for analysis, including VRM.

4.5. Public input meetings should be held in communities closest to mgmt. decision being considered. County and local governments should be full partners, not just cooperating partners.  Avoid rural devastation based on urban imagination.

4.6. Stop measuring riding opportunities in acres. We ride on trails, not over every square foot of terrain.  Riding opportunities should be measured in miles of trails.

4.7. NEPA requirement should apply to new trails, not existing ones without specific justification. Where Cost Recovery fees are assessed, travel costs should not be included.

4.8. Designation of more Open Areas, particularly where they already informally exist.  Use over preservation.


  1. Adopt an Area Discussion with BLM representative Steve Leslie before the regular meeting at6pm.  For this to work requires our members that regularly ride in the area we commit to, keep records of play rides (miles and dates) and leave the area better than they found it.  Most of us do that anyway.  The record keeping benefits MRAN by placing a value on what we give back, and individually for those who itemized.


Please, as your club’s representatives, share this with your club.  We have an opportunity to reverse decades of losts and make bright future for generations.  It takes work to make it happen.   Opportunities don’t last forever.  Lets’ not look back at what we could have done.


Bob Adams, Land Use Officer

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