Land Use Report for August 7, 2017 meeting

Land Use Report for August 7, 2017 meeting.

Submitted by Robert Adams, Aug. 2, 2017.


1. Issue Advocacy -v- Issue Apathy: On one hand, many of us complain all the time. On the other, most of us won’t put a fraction of the that energy into making our case to government officials that can fix our complaints. For the AMA to most effectively represent us, each of us must tell them the AMA speaks for us. We do that by responding to AMA Action Alerts by writing comments or using the Alert’s Letter Generator. Our comments as members creates the political capital the AMA needs to effectively represent us. Last month the comment period to keep or not keep the Obama monuments ended. The national consensus is to keep the monuments. Comments to keep the monuments, came from people not affected by the closures, far outnumbered comments to get rid of them. The other comment period was DOI Secretary Zinke asking us, what’s wrong with the BLM and how can we fix it? Notices of both were posted again and again on MRAN, racemran, AMA, & BRC facebook pages and websites. If you didn’t see them, how can they be posted that you will see it? If you didn’t send comments, why not? Issue Advocacy is like a drive train. We’re the knobbies. Without our participation, the horsepower doesn’t meet the dirt. When the AMA’s comments aren’t heard clearly and resoundingly by the politicians, that’s our fault. Our comments are only effective if enough of us comment. Can every one of us set aside one hour a week (20 minutes 3x/week) to read Action Alerts send comments? Our political clout does not match our numbers. That’s why there’s so many stupid laws. 2. July 31st visit by DOI Secretary Zinke: More to follow. 3. RS2477 Court Ruling in favor of access: 150335_41.pdf 4. The Devil’s in the Details: The most thankless volunteer job is document review. When it’s done right, issues are addressed before they’re problems. Can’t get credit for fixing problems that didn’t happen. When details are missed that come back to bite us, it’s the volunteers that stepped up that get blamed. People who could have stepped up, but didn’t, get a free pass. A bigger frustration than tedium for document reviewers is how many people who haven’t read documents will argue about what’s in a document. Discuss statues based on the text as written into Code. Your District’s Land Use Officer or AMA State Reps are resources. They’re refer you codified statue and where to download it.

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