Meeting brought to order by: Roy Ulrich @ 6:31pm

ROLL with voting members

Bushwackers – 0

  1. Gene Curry                                            Alt. 1 – Justin Wray          Alt.2 Kevin Wilson

Camp Valley Cowboys – 0

  1.                                             Alt. 1 –                                   Alt. 2 –

Coyotees – 0

  1.                                             Alt. 1. –                                  Alt. 2 –

Darkside – 1

  1. Scott Wiesheim Blake Monk Alt. 1 –   Brandon Hunt    Alt. 2 – Denny Falls

Gamblers – 1

  1. Joe Amey Steve Paxton                Alt. 1 – Kat Ashley            Alt. 2 – Greg Ashley

Groundshakers – 2

  1. Dave Martin Rob Holtfreter              Alt. 1 – James Wilson      Alt. 2 – Ashley Ross

Jackrabbits – 0

  1. Steve Jones David Balvage               Alt. 1 – Peter Skreta        Alt. 2 – Ryan O’Mara

SNDR – 2

  1. Dave Heath Garon Burwell              Alt. 1 – Chuck Harvey     Alt. 2 – Jeff Huff

SSTB – 2

  1. “Coach” Collins Sean McDaniel             Alt. 1 – Tori Collins           Alt. 2 – Zack Livreri

Wild Bunch – 2

  1. Dustin Vasquez Rhett Ogden Alt. 1 – Shelley Webb     Alt. 2 – Dan Webb

Yucca Chuckers – 1

  1. Jeff Beck Candice Benson           Alt. 1 – Todd Parker        Alt. 2 – JR Zanoth

Janurary 2018 meeting minutes approved by: Coach Collins

2nd by: Ashley Ross



President: Roy Ulrich –

                Good job Gamblers. Couple course cutting off the start, penalties were handed out when racers came into scoring on their first lap.

All clubs need to have EVERYONE that shows up to the event to sign the AMA print & sign paper. Roy bought stamps so we can stamp hands as they sign.

Emails are up and running





Vice President: Joe Amey –

Night race permit for the MRAN night race has been filed.


Treasurer: Coach Collins-

Went over monies.

We had 49 online sign up for the Gamblers race.

Had to order a second helmet scanner, the one we had started malfunctioning and we will have it re-built, so we will have 2 at the races.

Doing sign ups out of score trailer at the Darkside race

Would like to order MRAN flags


Treasurer Report approved by: Dave Martin

2nd by: Ashley Ross


Desert Referee: Pierce Holtfreter –

Cards sold at the Gamblers race; 53 big bikes, 13 minis, total 66

Still need club rosters


Grand Prix Referee: Ashley Ross –

No report at this time.


Web Site – Justin Wray

Working on updating MRAN page, adding correct emails for officers, adding link for WIN THIS BIKE


Public Relations – Ashley Ross –

                Bike Raffle launch an on line ticket purchase link today

Flex Bars arrived for the raffle bike

Email not working

Been posting on social media



Legislative Officer: Bob Adams –

  • There’s a lot going on and a lot coming up.   I’ll keep it short as I can.
  1. 2018 BLM SNDO RMP comment period closed February 2


.   MRAN submitted substantive

comments that were emailed to CC members and posted on Facebook.  The RMP offered (all 4 alts.)

does not reflect the new federal political ethos and it does not fairly include recreational users as equal

partners with other stakeholders and preservationist.  We’ve established standing by commenting.  Our

next step should be making our case for equal standing with elected officials.

  1. USFS NEPA PLANNING comment period closed February 2


.  MRAN signed onto BRC/Share trails comments.

  1. USAF Nellis Bombing Range expansion. Comments due by March 8




Another link with different priorities, but detailed explanations of why expansion is needed –


Ely.  Comment period closes March 8

  •   BRC/Share trails membership:


there’s people working hard to close our access.

The comments we send by not commenting are; we don’t are and, do what you want.

There’s enough of us to make a difference by working together to make a difference.  Our problem is,

most of us care enough to complain, but not enough to do anything about what we’re complaining

about.  As an organization, we submit substantive comments.  They’d a lot more if just 10% of our

members sent comments based on MRAN’s.  MRAN’s RMP comments were posted on

Facebook January 9


.   From your feedback, I feel most of MRAN didn’t care.  Did you send a comment?

If not, why didn’t you?  What would convince you your comments can make a difference?

  1. SPARK ARRESTOR TESTING: The biggest part of my job is knowing and understanding the laws that

affect us.  The law requires our motorcycles have spark arrestors and defines spark arrestor and testing

procedures.  I work for MRAN, not for the BLM.   I don’t enforce laws.  Knowing laws that apply and by

observations, I feel clubs using 1 test kit works best for MRAN, clubs, and the riders.  I discussed this

with Nick Harris at AMA and Don Amador at BRC.   Both suggested we buy a test kit from DPS.  There’s

nothing in the test kit, except for the certification and instructions that riders

Depot for next to nothing.










Scoring – Report by Tori & Coach Collins

Helmet scanner broken

Need to find a way to speed up sign up lines

Spark arrestor banner/sign missing from trailer.




January 20th Gamblers Desert Post Race Report – Joe Amey

4 injuries. Left on their OR

153 entries, 119 big bikes, 35 minis

Tool care of penalties on the course for course cutting

Thank you for coming out


Brandon Hunt discussed the chicane.


February 24th Darkside Desert Race Pre Race Report – Scott Weisheim

Flyer posted

Meeting with BLM to sign permits on Tuesday.

Has received permission from all surrounding properties

There is a section that novices have to take around the nasty section. Details in riders meeting


February 24th Yucca Chuckers Desert Pre Race Report – Jeff Beck

Flyer info coming soon

Mile marker 55 just past Ash Springs

Hells Half Acre


Unfinished Business

Bike raffle – Dave Martin – Online ticket purchase link launched today.

Asking permission to make business cards with link and info to hand out every where. Need to get a quote


New Business

                Some clubs still need to pay yearly dues

AMA Print & Signs need to be signed by all at every event






Open Discussion

Groundshakers GP will be at Western Raceway in White Hills Arizona

Need to schedule a trash pickup day

Coach submitted a course marking guide



Motion to Adjourn the January 2018 MRAN Meeting by:  Dave Martin

2nd by: Jeff Beck @8:11pm


March MRAN Meeting March 5th 2018, Sierra Gold 6:30pm



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