Meeting brought to order by: Sean McDaniel @ 7:01pm


Bushwackers – 1

Coyotees – 1

Darkside – 2

Gamblers – 2                     

Groundshakers – 2          

Jackrabbits – 1

SSTB – 1

SNDR – 1

Wild Bunch – 2

Yucca Chuckers – 1

October meeting minutes approved by: Coach Collins

2nd by: Garon Burwell



President: Sean McDaniel –

                Been going pretty good.

Been going over all the new rules that passed and that were submitted last month.

Lost all contacts and emails. New phone number is 702-762-7510


Vice President: Justin Wray –

                Been going over all the new rules that passed and that were submitted last month.








Treasurer: Coach Collins-

Went over the accounts monies.

A couple clubs owe for insurance, race fees, and Membership.

For 2018 are we staying at the Sierra Gold for $100 per meeting @ $1200 per year.

2017 MRAN Awards Banquet Jan. 6th at Sam’s Town Live. Hotel Room Rate TBD

Coach would like to open the 2018 membership for $35.00 + $2.00 paypal and a $10.00 Rocky Mountain Race Gas Card if you sign up online before January 1st. Yearly Membership, bike availability and MRAN Lanyard and clear Sleeve.

Treasurer Report approved by Justin Wray, 2nd by Dustin Vasquez


Desert Referee: Shaun Rupp – Shawn Rupp

Thank you Coach for all the help with the point updates.


Grand Prix Referee: Tony Thurlow –

Good season


Web Site – Justin Wray

Minutes were posted quickly


Public Relations – Ashley Ross –

                All is good


Land Use: Bob Adams –


1.1. NOHVCC meetings, November 17: Pahrump, Bob Ruud Community Center,

Room A, W Frontage Rd, 89060, November 20: Las Vegas, Durango Hills


1.2. Pahrump Photo Shoot for Off-Road Nevada.

  1. Reports:

2.1. BLM SNDO workshop.

2.2. USFS / Friends of Lovell Cyn. Workshop.

2.3. PLAY-CLEAN-GO Conference.

On all of the above, these conferences are held to bring stakeholders together.

We need to be represented at these conferences because

  1. it’s better to be a part of a plan from the beginning, than to react to it later.
  2. Our being there shows our willingness to work with others.
  3. Pilot projects in place by BLM and USFS to turn resource management of areas

over to officially designated stakeholder groups.  Having a seat(s) at the table

means working with other groups.

I’ll provide details on topics above for those that want them.


From last month’s discussions:

1.1. Liability limitations

1.2. BLM Volunteer agreement:  I cannot copy and paste fillable pdf’s.  Google,

OMB no. 0596-0080, & OMB no. 0596-0080


1.1.  NOHVCC meetings announcement:

NOHVCC MeetingsOn Nov 1, 2017 3:06 PM, “Laura Feist” <> wrote:

Dear Nevada OHV Enthusiast:

NOHVCC is working in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and

needs your assistance in learning how the BLM can better provide access to high

quality OHV recreation experiences on BLM lands. NOHVCC and the BLM have

partnered to develop a National Motorized Recreation Action Strategy that will help the

BLM develop individual state strategies for providing high quality OHV opportunities and

develop partnerships to help maintain those opportunities. The strategies will guide the

BLM in future Resource Management Plans (RMP) and Travel Management Plans

(TMP); however, the strategies are NOT part of a specific travel management plan. In

developing these strategies, you as an enthusiast will have a chance to share your

thoughts on the following topics:

  • What activities are taking place on BLM managed lands?
  • Where in general are OHV activities taking place?
  • What experiences are you looking for on BLM managed lands?
  • Where might these missing activities fit on BLM managed lands?
  • What could the BLM do better to enhance your recreation experience?

Without your help and the help of other OHV recreationists like you, we will not be able

to answer the questions above and you could be missing out on a chance to provide

ideas that could lead to enhancements to the areas and trail systems you enjoy. To help

us gather this very important information, NOHVCC will be holding a series of

community meetings and we ask that you participate if possible.

These meetings are not hosted by the BLM; however, BLM staff will attend these

meetings as participants and will be on hand to discuss how future TMP and RMP

processes will work, the timeline for those processes to occur in your local BLM field

office area, and how your suggestions could help shape future decisions. The meetings

will also be an excellent time for you to meet national, state and local BLM field office

personnel. The BLM is interested in developing partnerships with individuals and

organizations to improve the management of OHV recreation on BLM managed lands.

(NOHVCC announcement cont’d)

Upcoming Meetings:


All meetings will take place from 6:00pm – 9:00pm:

  • November 13: Ely, Bristlecone Convention Center, 150 6th Street, 89301
  • November 14: Elko, Elko Convention Center, Turquois Room, 700 Moren Way,


  • November 15: Winnemuca, Winnemuca Convention and Visitors Center 50 W

Winnemuca Blvd #1, 89445

  • November 16: Reno/Sparks, Nugget Casino Resort, 1100 Nugget Ave, 89431
  • November 17: Pahrump, Bob Ruud Community Center, Room A, W Frontage Rd,


  • November 20: Las Vegas, Durango Hills YMCA, 3521 N Durango Drive, 89129

Laura Feist. NOHVCC, 406-454-9190

1.2.  Pahrump Photo Shoot: Pahrump Tourism Director asked me, “Do you

know anyone in Pahrump who might be interested in being involved in a video shoot for

Off-Road Nevada?”

They’re open to having a group or an individual, a couple or a family. Could be any

vehicle, though we already have 2 videos of dirt bikers from Nye County, we’d like to

see some different vehicles – ATVs or Side-by-Sides. We’d like to film before

Thanksgiving but don’t have a specific date in mind


Videographer: Kin-Kee Lui <>

Proj. Mgr: Jennifer Jo <>

Pahrump Tourism:


2.1. BLM SNDO workshop: Wednesday Oct. 18 BLM workshop, not much

new stuff.  Pahrump Field Office (Armargosa, Crater Flats, Mercury) has a Rec Teck

now and he’s looking for things to do.  Some pending changes at Big Dune to protect

threatened beetles, the BLM is asking our input.  The big change is increased emphasis

on historic preservation (historic ACECs), to protect anything over 50 years long.

Offroad motorcycling goes back past 50 years.  We’re a culture.  We make historic

preservation work for us.


2.2. USFS / Friends of Lovell Cyn. Wednesday Oct. 18 Workshop.

Insistence by USFS that it is a multiple use area, designated trails for motor vehicle

travel remain open.  Shooting range will remain closed pending management plan.


2.3. PLAY-CLEAN-GO Conference:  Burn only local firewood. Arrive with

clean vehicles. Clean vehicle before going to other natural areas.



3.1.  Liability Limitations

NRS  41.510    Limitation of liability; exceptions for malicious acts if

consideration is given or other duty exists.

  1.     Except as otherwise provided in subsection 3, an owner of any estate or

interest in any premises, or a lessee or an occupant of any premises, owes no duty to

keep the premises safe for entry or use by others for participating in any recreational

activity, or to give warning of any hazardous condition, activity or use of any structure on

the premises to persons entering for those purposes.

  1.     Except as otherwise provided in subsection 3, if an owner, lessee or occupant

of premises gives permission to another person to participate in recreational activities

upon those premises:

(a)  The owner, lessee or occupant does not thereby extend any assurance that the

premises are safe for that purpose or assume responsibility for or incur liability for any

injury to person or property caused by any act of persons to whom the permission is


(b)  That person does not thereby acquire any property rights in or rights of

easement to the premises.

  1.     This section does not:

(a)  Limit the liability which would otherwise exist for:

(1)  Willful or malicious failure to guard, or to warn against, a dangerous

condition, use, structure or activity.

(2)  Injury suffered in any case where permission to participate in recreational

activities was granted for a consideration other than the consideration, if any, paid to the

landowner by the State or any subdivision thereof. For the purposes of this

subparagraph, the price paid for a game tag sold pursuant to

NRS 502.145 by an

owner, lessee or manager of the premises shall not be deemed consideration given for

permission to hunt on the premises.

(3)  Injury caused by acts of persons to whom permission to participate in

recreational activities was granted, to other persons as to whom the person granting

permission, or the owner, lessee or occupant of the premises, owed a duty to keep the

premises safe or to warn of danger.

(b)  Create a duty of care or ground of liability for injury to person or property.

  1.     As used in this section, “recreational activity” includes, but is not limited


(a)  Hunting, fishing or trapping;

(b)  Camping, hiking or picnicking;

(c)  Sightseeing or viewing or enjoying archaeological, scenic, natural or scientific


(d)  Hang gliding or paragliding;

(e)  Spelunking;

(f)  Collecting rocks;

(g)  Participation in winter sports, including cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or

riding a snowmobile, or water sports;

(h)  Riding animals, riding in vehicles or riding a road or mountain bicycle;

(i)  Studying nature;

(j)  Gleaning;

(k)  Recreational gardening; and

(l)  Crossing over to public land or land dedicated for public use.

(Added to NRS by 1963, 799; A

1971, 192; 1973, 898; 1981, 157; 1991,

185, 2156; 1993, 1191; 1995, 54, 790; 2007, 631)

I’m assured 4(h) does apply to motorcycles.  Changing the language requires a Bill

Draft Request, that Bill passing out of committees and passed by both Assembly and

Senate, and signed by the Governor.  A case in point of benefits of being involved on

legislation from the start.







Oct 14th – Wild Bunch Grand Prix post race report – Mark Mras

                105 riders, had some new riders, promoted early


November 11th – Darkside Pre Race Report – Scott Wiesheim

                Have permit, flyer posted


Unfinished Business

2018 tentative race dates


6th – Banquet

20th – Gamblers Desert


10th – Darkside Desert

24th – Yucca Chuckers Desert


17th – Groundshakers GP


7th – Wild Bunch GP

28th – Groundshakers Desert


19th – SSTB Desert


2nd – Coyotes Desert

9th – Wild Bunch Night

23rd – MRAN Night


6th & 7th – Gamblers Night

20th & 21st – Bushwackers Night


25th SSTB Desert



15th – Bushwackers Desert

22nd – Jackrabbits GP


27th – Wild Bunch Desert


10th – Darkside Desert


            *Yucca Chuckers M/C – TBA Grand Prix Event        


Rules Submitted and were voted on


Proposed by: Roy, Coach and Justin

Proposed New Rule: Desert series points



1                               100                           75                           60

2                              89                            67                            54

3                              82                            62                            50

4                              78                            58                            47

5                              73                            55                            44

6                              69                            52                            42

7                              66                            49                            40

8                              63                            47                            38

9                              60                            45                            37

10                            58                            43                            35

11                            55                            41                            34

12                            53                            40                            32

13                            51                            38                            31

14                            49                            37                            30

15                            47                            36                            29

16                            45                            35                            28

17                            44                            34                            27

18                            43                            33                            26

19                            41                            32                            25

20                            40                            31                            24

21                            39                            30                            23

22                            38                            29                            22

23                            37                            28                            21

24                            36                            27                            20

25                            35                            26                            19


You will get 5 points for starting a race and 15 for finishing a race. You will also be given 30 club points at the end of year.


Purpose of New Rule: to make points work with moto tally and make it easier for racers to understand

Affected Sections of Rule Book:   Article 5 Section 24


Submitted, reviewed, & voted on




Proposed by: Greg & Kat Ashley (represented by the Gamblers)



Proposed New Rule: (amendments reflected in red)

Jr. Women: Open to any female riding a motorcycle eligible to compete in the BIG BIKE DIVISION or 85cc+ division only. Minimum Age:  Rider must be 14 11 years of age or older-OR at the discretion of the Referee, to compete in this division. Rider must move from this class when they are 16 or older and exhibit the ability to compete at the Expert 85cc+ division level. This division will be designated by the letter “L” following the number. This class IS eligible for awards, points, and trophies. There will be three (3) classes in this division: Novice, Amateur, and Expert.

Purpose of New Rule:


The intent and purpose of this rule change is to allow for earnest competition amongst entry level female riders and allow them natural progression. This division has evolved into more than what it was originally designed for and has consistently shown as a competitive class. By following the same structure as other divisions, it will legitimize these female’s efforts.

At present MRAN is awarding Jr. Women points (as outlined above), however, we are not fully recognizing them as competitors because they can only remain as Novice. Additionally, these females are paying the same entry fees as the 85cc division and 65cc division and do not undergo the same progression and recognition as the other competing divisions. By making the aforementioned changes, it will allow for equality in this division and proportional alignment with other divisions.



Young female riders are forced into the Jr. Women’s division from the 65ccAmateurs/Experts by age and/or by increase in their motorcycle cc size. The 65cc division ends at the age of 12, yet young females are not eligible to enter the Jr. Women’s division until they are 14 or become an 85cc rider. However, many young female riders upon entering the 85cc division may not be capable of riding competitively with seasoned 85cc riders or have the potential to work their way up through the 85cc classes. Therefore, as of recently the Referee has had to allow them early entry into the Jr. Women’s division under his own discretion, as this is the only feasible option they have. Lowering the entry age to 11 helps resolves this issue. Yet, to remain fair with competition the following stipulation must remain that the, “Rider must move from this class when they exhibit the ability to compete at the Expert 85cc+ Division level,” with the following additions reflected in red, “Rider must move from this class when they are 16 or older and exhibit the ability to compete at the Expert 85cc+ division level.”


Reason for Change

If we look at the statistics for 2017, it clearly establishes that the Jr. Women division is competitive and should be recognized as such. The top five Jr.Women have placed within the middle of the pack during the Mini’s races and one rider of this division has repeatedly placed within the top 10 overall.


To fairly compare, we evaluated the results of the 2017 Mini’s races. On average, there were 5.5 Jr. Women per race with at times up to 8, when in comparison if we look at the 65cc-Novice class, on average there were 4.6 riders per race, with 49% of these riders being young females who will need to eventually move up. Over 66% of the 65cc-Novice class in the Wild Bunch race (Race 2) were young females who should be afforded the opportunity to compete and move up through classes like the rest of riders which are competing on the same course as them.


By allowing the entry age of this division to be 11 years of age, the progression continues naturally without roadblocks for these young female riders. Male riders competing and moving from 65cc to 85cc are able to do so naturally without any additional need for exceptions or Referee discretion. We firmly believe these female riders deserve to be recognized for their efforts and their division should be treated in the same manner as all other divisions recognized by MRAN. To remain just and fair to all desert riders and to avoid prejudices to these female riders, meanwhile allowing the continued growth of this sport amongst female riders, therefore, as an association, MRAN should recognize the Jr. Women division as competitive and allow progression through the classes of Novice, Amateur, and Expert respectively.
The changes to this division will eliminate the need for the creation of an additional “Sportswoman’s Division” for individuals who may not meet the criteria or have the experience to safely ride a Big Bike Course and allow for younger riders to continue to compete with their peers. Meanwhile preserving this class for those female riders who would still like to participate, but at a less competitive level.



Affected Sections of Rule Book:

Article 5 – Competition Rules

Section 3 – Division Specifications

Note: No other rules will be affected by this change.





Proposed New Rule:

Rule changes for the competition year must be submitted no later than the October

meeting of the prior year.  These rule changes are then to be finalized no later than the

during the December meeting.  Editing of rules after the December meeting is not


Purpose of New Rule:

Provide an understanding of the rule book prior to the start of the competition year.

Affected Sections of Rule Book:

Article 4, Section 5, To be added to existing rule.




Proposed New Rule:


Approved race permits, course maps, BLM post race report, and the BLM acceptance

notice of payment and post race report must be submitted to the MRAN Secretary when

giving their Post Race Report.

Purpose of New Rule:

Create a File and Report of MRAN Racing events to ensure that MRAN holds a record of

events and race courses, to help clubs with future races.

Affected Sections of Rule Book:

Article 5, Section 17, Appendix I




Proposed New Rule:

Voting members of the competition committee must be members of a club in good

standing within the MRAN organization and have been issued a MRAN membership

card.  Each club is to appoint two voting members and two alternate voting members,

these voting members may not be elected governing body members of MRAN.


Purpose of New Rule:

This rule will separate the authority of the competition committee from the elected

leadership of the organization.


Affected Sections of Rule Book: Add this to Article 2, Section

Rule Book Change Request Form




Proposed New Rule:


Remove Appendix C of Article 5, Section 16

“All clubs may furnish envelops at sign-up, to be SELF-ADDRESSED BY

ENTRANT FOR MAILING OF RACE RESULTS. If envelops are not furnished, the

club shall mail results to all finishers. This shall be done and “post marked” within

fourteen (14) days after the event or there will be a five-dollar ($5.00) fine for each day

they are late.

Purpose of New Rule:

Results are no longer being mailed to participants. We now live in a digital age.

Affected Sections of Rule Book:

Article 5, Section 16, Appendix C





Proposed New Rule:

Race dates for the competition year must be submitted and scheduled no later than the

September meeting of the prior year.  These schedules are then to be finalized during the

November meeting.

Purpose of New Rule:

Set the race dates that enables the posting and printing of calendar for distribution in


Affected Sections of Rule Book:

Article 3, Section 10


Rule Book Change Request Form




Proposed New Rule:


MRAN day cards may be purchased by an individual for the price of $20.00 for all bike

divisions. No end of the year race points awarded to day card holders. Trophies for results

from that race are to be awarded to day card holders.

Riders that participate in a race past November 1


can purchase a full season card that

will roll over to the following season.

Purpose of New Rule:

Provide incentive to day card holders to purchase a full season card, making them more

likely to return due to holding a full season card.

Affected Sections of Rule Book:

Article 5, Section 14, Appendix













Proposed New Rule:

Open Division: Open to any full framed motorcycle having a minimum 20 inch front rim

wheel size.


Purpose of New Rule:

Allow for the Open class to be a true open class that allows a bike of any CC to race.

Affected Sections of Rule Book:

Article 5, Section 3, Open Division



Proposed by:  Robert Adams, Land Use Officer


Proposed New Rule:

Artcle 2, LAND USE OFFICER (page 6):  BLUE is proposed new/changed


  1. Keep MRAN Competition Committee, MRAN Clubs, and MRAN members

updated to changes and proposed changes on land use policies

  1. Provide information of dates and times of Land Use Meetings, legislative

hearings.  Provide information on pending legislation, how it will affect us, and

how we can best achieve our best interests.

  1. Represent MRAN at Official Land Use Meetings, public meetings, legislative

hearings, and private meetings with public officials and other stakeholders.

Representation is bound by policies in place.

  1. Represent MRAN Clubs regarding permit issues at the BLM office in the Clubs


  1. Work with Competition Committee and membership to establish goals and

write goals into plans, then work to implement those plans into policy and law.

  1. Attend national OHV organization conferences including participation in issue

advocacy classes

  1. Work to overcome issue disparity by convincing our members that we can

make a difference by working together, and advise how to most effectively

achieve goals thru issue advocacy.

Purpose of New Rule:   We should be making for our future.  If we’re not

making our own future, our future is being made by others.  Our future access to

public lands requires taking a proactive approach, working with elected officials,

other stakeholders, and national OHV organizations.

Affected Sections of Rule Book:  Artcle 2, LAND USE OFFICER (page 6):










New Business

                Nominees for 2017 Sportsman of the year

Bushwackers – Gary Smith

Coyotes – Dave Nehrbass

Darkside – Dave Nehrbass

Gamblers – Gary Smith

Groundshakers – Dave Nehrbass

Jackrabbits –



Wild Bunch – Brandon Hunt

Yucca Chuckers – Todd Parker


Nominees for 2018 MRAN Officers

President –

Roy Ulrich, Sean McDaniel

Vice President –

Roy Ulrich, Joe Amey, Justin Wray

Secretary –

Dave Martin

Treasurer –

Coach Collins

Desert Ref –

Shawn Rupp, Ashley Ross, Pierce Holtfreter

GP Ref –

Ashley Ross, Nathan Kruger

Web site –

Justin Wray

Public Relations –

Ashley Ross

Land Use –

Bob Adams

Score –

Tori Collins

Motion to Adjourn the October 2017 MRAN Meeting by: Jeff Beck

2nd by: Roy Ulrich @9:50pm


Next MRAN Meeting on December 4 , 2017 @ 7:00pm

Sierra Gold, 6515 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89118.

Upstairs in meeting room.




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