Meeting brought to order by: Sean McDaniel @ 7:00pm


Bushwackers – 2

Coyotees – 1

Darkside – 2

Gamblers – 2                     

Groundshakers – 2          

Jackrabbits – 1

SSTB – 2

SNDR – 0

Wild Bunch – 2

Yucca Chuckers – 1

July 2017 Meeting Minutes were a topic of discussion later in the night in New Business.

Minutes were discussed and approved if Grand Prix Referee Tony Thurlow’s July report be removed.

A motion was made by Bob Adams to remove the Grand Prix Report from the July 2017 Report.

2nd by: Scott Weisheim



President: Sean McDaniel –

                A lot has happened this last month.

Attended the last 2 night race events. Thank you all that helped, raced, and attended.


Vice President: Justin Wray –

                Working with EnduroX to get MRAN involved. Event is Aug 19th at the Orleans. Any MRAN member to sign up will receive $25 off the entry. Special awards for MRAN racers that podium. A Casey Folks Cup will be awarded to the top finishing Vet presented by the Folks family. We are looking to sponsor a racer for this event. Any ideas who?




Treasurer: Coach Collins-

Went over the accounts monies.

Treasurer Report approved by Kevin Wilson, 2nd by Jeff Beck


Desert Referee: Shaun Rupp –

Cards sold at the Bushwackers Night Race: 2 – Big Bikes, 2 – Mini, 0 – 2nd Div., 31 – 1 Day, 0 – Non Comp, 35 Total

Cards sold to date: Big bikes – 268, Mini – 56, 2nd Div – 42, 1 Day – 140, Jr Women – 9, Non comp – 28, Quads – 12, Total to date – 555


Grand Prix Referee: Tony Thurlow –

No GP’s since last meeting

Still looking for 2018 changes. Asking for input.

Next Grand Prix on Sept. 23, 2017 Hosted by the Jackrabbits Iron Mine in Cedar City, Utah

Round 4 on Oct. 14, 2017 hosted by the Wild Bunch in Mesquite, Nv.


Web Site – Justin Wray

Club logos have been added, still need logo from the Coyotes. Thank you to those of you that sent your logo in.

Rule book has been posted. Couple things need to be updated. Work in progress.


Public Relations – Ashley Ross –

                $75.00 in MRAN shirts sold at the Bushwakers Night Race

MRAN is now working with GSI. Please get with me if you have any questions.

Had a meeting with OHV. They want to sponsor MRAN this year and 2018, and possibly more in 2018.

1700 Facebook followers & 1190 Instagram followers. Numbers are rising.


Land Use: Bob Adams –

How many of you have read and commented on the monument issue? We need to comment and let them know we are alive and active. We need to voice so they know that we are here and have a voice. If we don’t, they will feel they are working for no one. We need to comment and get and/or help others to comment also.

We have an opportunity and we need to act now to have issues in our favor in the future.

We need to pick and vote on an area for us to adopt in September’s meeting. Choices are Apex, Jean, or Nelson Hills









Scoring – Coach –

                Scored the last night race, Racers checked in with their helmets at score trailer and it worked out well.

Broom is MISSING from trailer.

Stop signs are missing from trailer.

1 hand held radio is missing from trailer.

Trailer is in good shape.

We are getting 10 new cones and coach will paint MRAN on them

When trailer in Las Vegas it is parked at Scott Weisheim’s home if you need it.

Digital speed sign works



July 21st & 22nd – Bushwackers Night race post race report – Kevin Wilson

                Searchlight, Nevada

                Thank you for coming out.

A lot of new racers, they enjoyed it, and sure they’ll be back to race MRAN.

Scoring and results have been sent out.

Trophies are out


August 12th – SSTB Desert pre race report – Coach Collins

                Flyer has been posted

                Caliente, Nevada.

Friday night sign ups, Free spaghetti dinner with donation, Hot Springs Motel still has rooms, Camp at MX park, know your mileage, Only 1 lap for women’s C/Novice & Super Senior, A lot of race info has been posted on social media. All info will be posted at sign ups



Unfinished Business


New Business

                An open room discussion was held on the past months happing’s, and MRAN’s past, present, and future. Multiple statements were made by different people.

As stated above in Minute approval section: A motion was made by Bob Adams to remove the Grand Prix Report from the July 2017 Report and was seconded by: Scott Weisheim

Roy brought up an error in the current posted rule book. A motion was made by Sean McDaniel to remove the word allowed in the section about throwing out a race. 2nd by Dustin Vasquez.

Coach went over some 2018 dates. Come to next meeting with your 2018 race dates.

Start bringing in any rule changes etc. to next month’s meeting for 2018 rule book if you have any. You must fill out the proper form correctly for any changes to be submitted.



Motion to Adjourn the August 2017 MRAN Meeting by: Sean McDaniel

2nd by: Jeff Beck @9:42pm


Next MRAN Meeting on August 28, 2017 @ 7:00pm

Sierra Gold, 6515 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89118.

Upstairs in meeting room.






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