Meeting brought to order by: Sean McDaniel @ 7:02pm

ROLL with voting members

Bushwackers – 2

Coyotees – 2

Darkside – 0

Gamblers – 2                     

Groundshakers – 2          

Jackrabbits – 1

SSTB – 1


Wild Bunch – 2

Yucca Chuckers – 2

Feb. 2017 Meeting Minutes approved by: Bob Adams

2nd by: Ashley Ross


President: Sean McDaniel –

               Sorry for the lack of communication lately, has been out of town with work lately.

Worked his clubs race (SSTB)

Great job Wild Bunch for a great night race event


Vice President: Justin Wray –

                What is our goal as a committee & organization? Our Direction?

                A lengthy discussion was held on different subjects.


Treasurer: Coach Collins-

Not present






Desert Referee: Shaun Rupp –

Cards sold at the SSTB race: 7 – Big Bikes, 3 – Mini, 3 – 2nd Div., 0 – 1 Day, 0 – Non Comp, 13 Total

Cards sold at the Wild Bunch Night Race: 18 – Big Bikes, 10 – Quads, 10 – 1 Day, 38 Total

Cards sold to date: Big bikes – 258, Mini – 52, 2nd Div – 42, 1 Day – 61, Jr Women – 9, Non comp – 28, Quads – 10, Total to date – 460

Talked about penalties. Who inforces them, who receives them etc.


Grand Prix Referee: Tony Thurlow –

                3 Goals that would like to see by 2018

  1. Grand Prix points the same structure as the desert series
  2. Combine the Desert and the Grand Prix Series as one
  3. The 2 remaining 2017 Grand Prix’s left would like to have 2 more other clubs step up and do a 2 day event on each of the Sundays like rounds 1 & 2 were done.


Web Site – Justin Wray

Minutes were posted as soon as received

Renewed the web site


Public Relations – Ashley Ross –

                Sold MRAN shirts at the Wild Bunch Night race.  Bringing in $150

Instagram is blowing up about the Wild Bunch Night race – Props Wild Bunch

Our Instagram and Facebook have gained more followers.

Still has no access to the MRAN Facebook account

Been talking with Global Speed Index and had a meeting with them earlier today with a second meeting on Tuesday along with Justin Wray


Land Use: Bob Adams –

                A lengthy discussion was held about land use, how it works, what we can do to get the word out better and more understanding to all. And, to make it more serious for us.


Scoring – Coach/Tori Collins

                Not present




May 20th – SSTB  th Post race report – Sean McDaniel

                All Good, no major injuries, small fire – controlled and taken care of fast and efficient.



June 3rd – Wild Bunch Night race post race report – Dustin Vasquez

                Good race, thank you for coming out, 1 injury.


June 17th – Coyotes Desert Race report – Vern Watson/ Ryan O’Flaherty

                Hope to get you all up. Flyer is posted. Weather cooler than Vegas.


Vern also reminded clubs to keep good records of previous events. You never know when you may need to go back.   


June 24th – MRAN Team Night Race pre race report – Joe Amey

                Joe had some things come up and is asking for help. Kevin Wilson will lead the charge on this event. We are asking for volunteers to help the event happen and be successes.

Contact Kevin Wilson for info.


July 8th – Gamblers Night Race pre race report – Joe Amey

                Pabco Road, flyer coming soon



Unfinished Business



New Business




Motion to Adjourn the January 2017 MRAN Meeting by: Sean McDaniel

2nd by: Jeff Beck

At 10:08pm


Next MRAN Meeting on July 10, 2017 @ 7:00pm @ Sierra Gold




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