Meeting brought to order by: Sean McDaniel @ 7:24pm

ROLL with voting members

Bushwackers – 2

Coyotees – 0

Darkside – 2

Gamblers – 2                     

Groundshakers – 2          

Jackrabbits – 1

SSTB – 1


Wild Bunch – 2

Yucca Chuckers – 0

March 2017 Meeting Minutes approved by: Bob Adams

2nd by: Ashley Ross


President: Sean McDaniel –

Sean’s email was hacked, sorry if he has not gotten back to you if you’ve sent him an email.

Sorry didn’t make it to the Grand Prix, Heard nothing but good and positive about it.


Vice President: Justin Wray –

                Working on Rule Book. About 90% complete


Treasurer: Coach Collins- Not present

Report by Sean McDaniel –

Discussed our financial status.

Treasurer Report Approved by: Kevin Wilson

2nd by: Joe Amey


Desert Referee: Shaun Rupp –

Cards sold at the Groundshakers/Yucca Chuckers Grand Prix: 32 – Big Bikes, 7 – Mini, 27 – 2nd Div., 3 – 11 Day, 1 – Non Comp, 78 Total

Cards sold to date: Big bikes – 219, Mini – 45, 2nd Div – 37, 1 Day – 38, Jr Women – 9, Non comp – 28, Total to date – 376


Grand Prix Referee: Tony Thurlow –

Attended the Groundshakers/Yucca Chuckers Grand Prix – Best GP ever attended

We need to think about getting a sign up trailer like the score trailer. It will look more professional.

Discussion about AMA and race classes.


Web Site – Justin Wray

Has renewed

Shop Sales spike when advertised on social media


Public Relations – Ashley Ross –

                Sold $185 in MRAN shirts at the Groundshakers/Yucca Chuckers GP race.

Has reached out several times again with and still no response.

Our Instagram and Facebook have gained a lot of followers.

Instagram followers – 1078 Facebook followers – 1686

Can not post to MRAN Facebook. Needs help with this.

Suggested that maybe we try and get quads involved again to race.


Land Use: Bob Adams –

                Thank you for those of you that came early and attend the Land Awareness class.

We as MRAN need to adopt an area. We can apply for a grant as soon as we are approved for an adopted area.

We all need to respond and write our assemblymen about our land issues. We can use the letter generator that is sent out to us and is available online or from Bob.

Look at the AMA Magazine this month, Bob has written an article and it was published in the magazine.


Scoring – Coach/Tori Collins- Not present

Report by Sean McDaniel –

Coach and Tori will be at the Wild Bunch race. They need to know what time on Saturday morning.

Coach and Tori will get with Dave Martin about the Groundshakers sign up times.

Online sign ups will open up 2 weeks before the Groundshakers race.






March 18th & 19th – Groundshakers & Yucca Chuckers Grand Prix Post race report – Dave Martin

                Rounds 1 & 2

                Thank You – GREAT weekend

Thank you to all our sponsors and venders

Groundshakers – 120 entries – 98 Big Bikes, 22 Mini’s

4 injuries

Yucca Chuckers – 107 entries – 92 Big Bikes, 12 – Mini’s

2 injuries

Great dinner at the VFW and lots of raffle items were given away.


April 8th, 2017 – Wild Bunch Pre Race Report – Mark Mras

                Delmar, Nevada

                Flyer is posted

Come out to a good ride.

Millage may be changed depending on the weather


April 29th,2017 – Groundshakers Pre Race Report – Dave Martin

                Caliente, Nevada

Flyer has been sent to officers for approval

Special Event this year honoring Casey Folks.

Flyer out soon


Unfinished Business



New Business




Motion to Adjourn the January 2017 MRAN Meeting by: Dave Martin

2nd by: Ashley Ross @ 10:13pm


Next MRAN Meeting on May 1st, 2017 @ 7:00pm @ Sierra Gold





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