Meeting brought to order by: Sean McDaniel @ 7:01pm

ROLL with voting members

Bushwackers – 2              1. Kevin Wilson                 2. Justin Wray

Alt. 1 –                                   Alt. 2 –

Coyotees – 0                      1.                                            2.

Alt. 1 –                                   Alt. 2 –

Darkside – 2                       1. Scott Weisheim            2. Blake Monk

Alt. 1 – Brad Berges        Alt. 2 – Denny Falls

Gamblers – 2                      1. Bill Haupt                        2. Tony Thurlow

Alt. 1 – Joe Amey             Alt. 2 – Kat Ashley

Groundshakers – 2           1. Dave Martin                  2. Rob Holtfreter

Alt. 1 – Ashley Ross         Alt. 2 – James Wilson

Jackrabbits – 1                  1. Steve Jones                   2. David Balvage

Alt. 1 – Peter Skreta        Alt. 2 – Ryan Omara

SSTB -2                                 1. Coach Collins                 2. Tori Collins

Alt. 1 – Zack Livreri           Alt. 2 – Jamie Johnson

SNDR -1                                1. William O’Hara             2. Krista Conway

Alt. 1 – Curtis Moon        Alt. 2 – Dave Heath

Wild Bunch – 2                  1. Mark Mras                     2. Dustin Vasquez

Alt. 1. – Charles Fox        Alt. 2 – Charles’ Son

Yucca Chuckers – 2          1. Jeff Beck                         2. Todd Parker

Alt. 1 – Candice Benson Alt. 2 – JR Zanoth

Jan 2017 Meeting Minutes approved by: Coach Collins

2nd by: Justin Wray


President: Sean McDaniel –

All good


Vice President: Justin Wray –

Yucca Chucker’s Great event.

Can MRAN get a Post Office Box?

Made Officer Business Cards

Made more MRAN D35 stickers


Treasurer: Coach Collins-

Went over finances

Banquet is fully paid

Renewing our insurance

Refunding a racer that paid online but was not able to attend

MRAN’s new score trailer was paid in full

Need to get measurements to be able to get quotes for wrap


Treasurer report approved by:    Justin Wray

2nd by: Kevin Wilson




Desert Referee: Shaun Rupp –

Cards Sold

Banquet – Total – 90

Big bike – 46, Mini – 7, Jr wm. – 5, 2nd Div – 7, Noncomp – 25

Gamblers – Total – 114

Big Bike – 90, mini – 13, Jr wm – 2, 2nd Div – 0, 1 Day – 9, Noncomp – 0

Yucca Chuckers – Total 67

Big Bike – 33, Mini – 16, Jr wm – 2, 2nd Div – 2, 1 Day – 15, Noncomp – 0


Total Cards 271 as of 2-5-2017

Big bike – 169 (15 comp), Mini – 35, Jr wm – 9, 2nd Div – 9 (5 comp), 1 Day – 24, Noncomp – 25


Good job Gamblers and Yucca Chuckers



Grand Prix Referee: Tony Thurlow –

All Good

Great job Yucca Chuckers


Web Site – Justin Wray

Converted over to MRAN District 35

Built a store to sell our items (T-Shirts, stickers, etc)

We need to purchase a SLL server (security). The web has been compromised a couple times already.

Need a Post Office Box

MRAN’ Logo – we need to keep it secure and to ourselves

Fixing the MRAN Facebook sites

Rule book is in the process of being replace and rewritten



Public Relations – Ashley Ross –

                Purchased MRAN T-Shirts – sold 97 shirts first time selling them at the Yucca Chuckers race

Asked if clubs that sell their club shirts for $15 MRAN shirts for $10 at their events

Been working on getting sponsors but it’s been a bit late in the season

Will work on for MRAN


Land Use: Bob Adams –

                Good job Ashley

BLM meeting in Alamo, BLM wants to know what we want.

Pushing for multi use land

We need a Nevada Trail Network throughout Nevada

There is a lot we can accomplish in the next 2 years.

We need to fight to make our public lands open permanently



Scoring – Tori Collins


Online registration: 7 riders

Banquet sign ups – 8, Bacon Bar sign ups – 20,

Total 135 – 112 Big Bike, 23 minis

                 Yucca Chuckers

Online registration: 11 riders

Friday night – 28

Total 157 – 119 big bike, 38 minis

All but 12 riders of the 157 riders has addresses for Rocky Mountain Race Gas Cards.


Online Sign Ups

Mailed a refund check to a rider that was unable to attend the event.

A member signed up for membership by mistake

A family signed up and was not able to attend the race they paid for. Do we refund them? Decided YES

PayPal charges $2.04 per transaction. Should we charge a $2.00 convenience fee for online sign ups?

New MRAN trailer has arrived, lights weren’t working , Coach has an appointment for Tuesday to be fixed.

New trailer looks amazing

Old MRAN trailer, has been emptied and is ready for selling. The suggested price is $800





Jan. 21, 2017 – Gamblers Post Desert Race Report – Joe Amey –

                Thank you to all that attended

Great scoring crew

Thanks to Gary Prator

No injuries


Feb. 4, 2017 – Yucca Chuckers Post Desert Race Report – Jeff Beck

Thank you to all

Penalized riders for speeding in the pits

Penalized a rider for cutting course coming in to scoring

BLM was on hand doing a social media interviews and video/pictures


Feb. 18, 2017 – Jackrabbits Pre Desert Race Report – Dave Balvage

Jackrabbits need to cancel the event on lack of club support

MRAN stepped up and it will now be an all club event.

All that can help please get on board.

Meeting this Saturday the 11th 7am in the pit area to work on course






Unfinished Business


New Business


                Sean discussed an incident that happened at the Banquet by an individual that has caused problems in the past at MRAN functions

Sean makes a motion to BAN Cailon Causey FOR LIFE from any and all MRAN events.

2nd Justin Wray

No opposed


                The Grand Prix in March was discussed.

Jon Van Hoove from the Wild Bunch suggested that we split the round 1 & 2 apart. Claiming that the cost for racers and families will be too high, causing racers not to attend. Then, in turn will skip the rest of the series and put the other GP clubs in Jeopardy.

As of now the GP schedule stays as scheduled




Motion to Adjourn the January 2017 MRAN Meeting by: Sean McDaniel

2nd by: Jeff Beck

At 10:03pm


Next MRAN Meeting on March 6, 2017 @ 7:00pm Sierra Gold 6515 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118




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